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Isaiah 33:6


Getting Out of Hand at UT

According to Reynaldo Woolridge, who has ringside seats from his dorm balcony, overlooking the football complex, police have just fired tear gas into a crowd of students irate about Lame Kiffin's departure.
From his twitter page:

From Phillip Smith
Orgeron's text to Tennessee recruits - "You are welcome to join us at USC". Nice.

From Sports by Brooks:
Txt to me tnite from former SC asst coach w/Kiffin 1st time around: 'Norm schemed. Sark developed QBs. Lane got sandwiches.'

Picture of the Rock: (Warning: crude, rude, and socially unacceptable image.)

Crowd picture
Posting now but I'll continue to update.

WBIR reporting that the students are in full riot mode, setting fire to a matress and trying to keep Kiffin's car from leaving. According to Reynaldo Woolridge, he's already gone, but the police have used tear gas to try and break up the crowd.

From nkim:
#Vols fans chanted "bring him out bring him out" love it!!

From pjcassidy
In the middle of the riot can't say tennessee doesn't have pride

Youtube video that won't last long: (Language and general crude behavior warning.)

From Reynaldo Woolridge:
my home boys on the football team were just in disbelief...seein the looks on their faces makes me feel for em yo...we all fam..

And this
Man ppl talkin bout goin to his crib?? they OD'n right now..

Wes Rucker has good quotes from some of the players.
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