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Isaiah 33:6


Can You Hear Me Now?

Just how Lame is Kiffin?

Lame enough to accept a job that nobody else wanted, head coach at USC. Think about it. First, why would Pete Carroll leave USC? Second, why didn't USC's first choices, all USC alums, turn down the position? Could it be that the NCAA investigation are winding to a close, and most other coaches are experienced enough to realize that the next USC coach will be the fall guy?

Hmmmm....could be!

I said it after the Auburn game and took some flak for it, but I'll say it again here. Lane Kiffin does not have the character it takes to win at the top levels in the SEC or anywhere else in the NCAA. His field decisions show a lack of heart, the ability to take a risk in order to win. His off the field decisions show that he is motivated first and foremost by what is good for him, not the team.

I'm not surprised in the least, or disappointed, although I feel sympathetic for my Vols, who face a daunting schedule with an empty coaching staff, and a recruiting class that's liable to turn into mist. My sympathy stops with the players and remaining coaches; it does not extend to Athletic Director Mike Hamilton, the architect of this mess. He made the call to hire Kiffin, and now he has to answer for it. A quick glance at the pool of available coaches tells me that the cupboard is pretty much bare, which means Hamilton faces a very tough job. I wonder if Bill Battle is interested in coaching again?

Maybe he can convince Bruce Pearl and Pat Summitt to coach the football team during their off season.
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